Becoming a member of St. Augustine Lodge

To apply to become a member of St .Augustine Lodge in the Province of Bristol first read through and digest the information detailed below. If you fulfil the criteria and would like to join email St. Augustine Lodge Secretary expressing your interest and include your full contact details.

The Lodge Secretary will contact you to arrange an informal meeting at Freemasons’ Hall, Park Street, Bristol to discuss membership in greater detail and to answer your questions.

Reasons for joining given by some of St. Augustine Lodge membership have been detailed for your reference. Why become a Freemason?

Supreme Being

The first condition of admission to Freemasonry is a belief in a Supreme Being, defined simply as ‘God’ (for individuals of different faiths the God will vary and is personal to the candidate). Freemasons believe in a Supreme Being and use a volume of sacred law (of whatever religion).


A candidate must be over the age of 21 years, unless by dispensation.


Membership of St. Augustine Lodge is composed exclusively of men.


An individual cannot be made a Freemason or admitted as a member of St. Augustine Lodge without previous notice and due inquiry into his character. Every candidate must be a free man and in reputable circumstances.


St. Augustine Lodge cannot initiate a candidate whose usual place of residence is in Ireland or Scotland or any place where the Grand Lodge of Ireland or the Grand Lodge of Scotland has exclusive Masonic jurisdiction, without making enquiries of the Grand Secretary of the Jurisdiction from which the candidate is from (the rule does not apply to HM Forces on the Active List).


A candidate before initiation into St. Augustine Lodge must subscribe his name at full length to a declaration of the following:

‘To the Master, Wardens, Officers and Members of the Lodge of St. Augustine No. 3108 I, Michael Keith Daburn, being a free man, and of the full age of 21 years, do declare that, unbiased by the improper solicitation of friends and uninfluenced by mercenary or other unworthy motive, I do freely and voluntarily offer myself a candidate for the mysteries of Masonry; that I am prompted by a favourable opinion conceived of the institution, and a desire of knowledge; and that I will cheerfully conform to all the antient usages and the established customs of the Order.’

Membership fees

For a candidate in 2022 the total cost of joining the St. Augustine Lodge is £327.30. The Lodge subscription fee is for 12 months; in practice this sum is calculated pro-rata depending on the month a candidate joins.


Annual dues


Grand charity


Lodge subscription




Registration fee



Annual dues, grand charity, regalia and the registration fee are payable once on joining St. Augustine Lodge. The annual renewal fee is therefore a lesser sum of £192.

St. Augustine Lodge subscription can be paid monthly by direct debit.